WSIB is no-fault insurance that protects your business from lawsuits by providing benefits to your workers in cases of injury or illness at work.

Businesses in Ontario that employ workers must register with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) within 10 days of hiring the first full or part-time employee. Sole proprietors and partners are not automatically covered by WSIB, but can apply for optional insurance. You may also insure your workplace on a voluntary basis if your business activity is not automatically covered. When you register with WSIB, a kit will be forwarded to you explaining an employer’s responsibilities and forms for assessment, coverage, incident reporting and appealing a WSIB decision.

You may register at the same time as registering your business or contact WSIB direct at:

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
128 McIntyre Street West
North Bay, ON P1B 2Y6

Telephone: 1-800-461-9521
Fax: 1-705-472-9801





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