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Business Advisory Services

Our objective is to provide you with information on government programs, publications and counselling assistance at no obligation. This service will be aimed at providing preliminary assistance that will enable you to then proceed with your own business planning or move on to acquiring professional consultants if required.

Financial Assistance

The CB & DC is able to assist area business, whether new or existing, with funding for start-up or expansion. This financial support may be provided in the form of a loan, loan guarantee and/or equity funding, where new permanent employment is being created. All information provided in the process of counselling or applying for financial assistance will be held in the strictest confidence.

Community Economic Development Program

Identifying the area’s labour market problems and assessing the area’s potential for change and recovery is part of the CB & DC’s Community and Economic Development plan. Another aspect involves working with other organizations to design and co-ordinate community-based development strategies, as well as developing entrepreneurial initiatives to improve the employability of the local population.

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