General Manager – Job Description


Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre Inc.

Job Description – General Manager, Fall 2020

Reporting to the Board of Directors of the Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre Inc. (CBDC) the General Manager provides leadership in the development, promotion and delivery of the programs and services of the CBDC.

The General Manager provides for the control, management and effective administration of the business affairs of the corporation and serves as the principal advisor to the Board.


1.) Board of Directors

Assists the Board in achieving progress towards the organization’s stated mission, aims and objectives.

Provides appropriate, adequate and timely information to the Board and sees that the Board is kept informed on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it.

Works effectively with the Executive Committee and the Board as a whole, maintaining good communications and a collegial professional environment.

Advises and acts as a resource to the Board and committees.

Assists the Board in the development of its strategic plan and tracks performance against same.

2.) Policy

Implements and monitors compliance with the by-laws and policies of the Corporation and Board directives.

Implements the objectives and policy decisions of the Board.

Monitors the policy and legislative activities of government and reports to the Board on issues of import to the Corporation.

Identifies the need for policy, develops policy options with supporting analysis and recommends appropriate policy direction to the Board.

3.) Program Development and Delivery

Shows creativity and initiative in developing new programs and organizational plans to facilitate community economic and business development.

Provides leadership in the promotion and delivery of the programs and services of the Corporation that meets or exceeds program goals in quantity and quality.

Evaluates how well goals and objectives have been met and offers corrective strategies as required.

Demonstrates quality of analysis and judgement in program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Maintains and utilizes a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field.

4.) Administration and Human Resource Development

Provides leadership, direction, control and coordination to all staff and delegates appropriate levels of freedom and authority.

Maintains appropriate balance between programs and administration.

Encourages staff development and education, assists program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.

Ensures that suitable systems, policies and processes for personnel management, office space, information technology and risk management are in place.

Maintains current and accurate records.

Submits timely and accurate reports.

5.) Government, Community and Client Relations

Establishes sound working relationships with FedNor and other local, provincial and federal government agencies and their representatives.

Maintains a positive professional reputation in the local community and cultivates cooperative arrangements with community organizations and representatives.

Provides support to area stakeholders in the development of regional community economic development strategies.

Develops and enhances the Corporation’s relationships with prospective clients of the organization.

6.) Financial Management

Assures that the operating agreements with FedNor are developed and the conditions of financial reporting required in these contracts are provided within the time lines agreed upon in the contracts.

Assures adequate control and accounting of all funds, including developing and maintaining sound financial practices.

Directs the preparation of the annual budget, monitors cash flow, and ensures the Board regularly receives financial statements and budget forecasts.

Maintains official records and documents, ensures compliance with federal and provincial regulations and reporting requirements.

Ensures that funds are disbursed in accordance with contract requirements.

7.) Communications

Serves as an effective spokesperson for the organization, represents the programs and point of view of the Corporation to agencies, other organizations and the general public.

Ensures the development, publication and distribution of the various publications of the corporation including media releases.

8.) Leadership

Fosters strong staff relations and is attentive to staff morale and team building.

Fosters a collegial and cooperative culture based in trust and support.

Demonstrates good judgement in dealing with Board, staff, the public and government representatives.

9.) Other

a.) Performs other related duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

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