Loan Applications

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Download Loan Application

Download Express Credit Loan Application for Female Entrepreneurs

Supporting Documents:

Financial Document of your cash flow

Business Plan

All lending decisions are made by members of the Board of Directors of the Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre Inc. This Board is comprised of community volunteers, many of whom are private sector entrepreneurs like yourself. Each is governed by and strictly adheres to the following: By-Law #1 Section 25 – Conflict of Interest The Directors, Officers, Managers of Employees of the Corporation, or individuals contracted to serve in such capacity, with decision-making roles, or a member of their immediate families with regard to applications for financial assistance, shall not have a legal interest in a business venture applying for assistance.


The Directors, Officers, Managers or Employees of the Corporation or individuals contracted to serve in such a capacity must not hold any outside office or employment that could place on them demands inconsistent with their official duties for the Corporation or call into question the capacity to perform those duties in an objective manner. The Board of Directors shall ensure the avoidance of conflict of interest and prevent preferential consideration, financial benefit or rewards to themselves, officers or employees of the Corporation or individuals contracted to serve in such capacity or their immediate families. “Immediate family” is defined as: father, mother (or stepmother, stepfather or foster parent), brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, spouse (including common-law spouse) residing with the individual, child, (including child of the common-law spouse, step child or ward of the individual), father-in-law, mother-in-law, or relative permanently residing in the individual’s household or individuals contracted to serve in such capacity, or with whom the individual permanently resides. Each Board Member is responsible to identify their potential conflict of interest and remove themselves from the relevant decision making. Where a Board Member is in doubt about a conflict situation, the doubt should be raised and a resolution voted on indicating that, in the view of the Board present at the meeting, there is or is not a conflict of interest for that particular member.


Once you have completed the application and gathered the required supporting documents please submit the documents in the format of a .pdf format.  You will be contacted once the documents have been reviewed; if you have not heard from us within seven days, please call the office at 705-746-4455


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